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Buying Our Music

Circle One Records is proud to sell the following releases:

The Perpetual Renegades - DOMiNATE

This newest release has something for everyone, from classical music the bellisimo "Gianissimo", to the rock-n-roll beat in "Smells Like Freedom", to going risqué with "Dirty Jim", the poignant "Darkness" and the inspirational "Converting" and "Go For It", and so much more. 

This is truly a work of art on so many levels, created by a father and son, and it is a very limited edition.

Only 50 copies printed, order yours today before they're all gone.

Catalog price: $15.00 (USD)* Limited Edition * Collector's Item

* Shipping & handling fee is included for orders shipped in the USA.

The Perpetual Renegades - Allopathic Zombie: Released on Holloween 2013, this album is sure to be a crowd pleaser! From the love ballad "You With Me", to Dominic's signature poignant style song "Chemtrail Cocktail", and of course modern physicians' most hated song, "Allopathic Zombie"! Put your The Perpetual Renegades - Allopathic Zombie in your player and hold on - you're in for quite the ride. :)

Catalog price: $10.00 (USD)* Limited Edition

* Shipping & handling fee is included for orders shipped in the USA.


Circle One - Circle One (debut release).

This CD is a MUST HAVE for those that love amazing guitar work.  Dominic John Circolone pens instant classics-anthems and Scotty Mishoe shreds like only he can. (Collectors Item)

Featuring the songs: "Just Think About It", "Mia's Flower" (sung by guest vocalist, Mindy Harris), "Dominstra" (instrumental), "Your Redemption Is Drawing Near" and 8 more great tracks! 

* out of print (limited supply available)

In memory of our friend and fellow musician, Brett Fredrickson, who played the drums on all of the songs on the cd, we make it available for your enjoyment for only $5.00 (plus $5.99 s&h).


Dominic John - Fallen World Record : Dominic John Circolone has done it again!  Fallen World Recordis a musical masterpiece!  Brilliant lyrics and superb scores will take you on a fantastic musical journey.  In a collaboration of extraordinary talents this album offers an insightful and gratifying experience of musical and lyrical versatility. 

Featuring the songs: "Hold On, Holden" (sung by the guest vocalist Victoria Lowery), "Crash 'Em Up Real Good", "Wisdom Reigning" "She Calls Me, Honey" and 9 more great tracks!

Catalog price: $10.00 (USD)* out of print (limited supply available)

* Shipping & handling fee is included for orders shipped in the USA. 

MP3 Downloads & Specials
In these dark times, everything seems to get even more expensive. We, at Circle One Records was to make our music as accessible as possible to all, and therefore are happy to offer mp3 downloads for just $0.50 for the following songs:
Darkness (see below the music video):

Everybody Wear A Mask

Dirty Jim

The Meathead Way

Smells Like Freedom

My Best From Me

Go For It



How can I buy your CDs?

You can buy our CDs from us directly or buy them through our internet affiliates as well as make single song purchase via downloads: